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Agenda Group has more than 20 years’ experience designing meetings from major global conferences to product launches, strategy kick-off's, workshops, debate meetings etc. In the last 3 years, we have helped several companies transform physical meetings and events to digital platforms.

Conveying your message, executing your plans and interacting with your key stakeholders must sometimes be done without the advantage of a physical meeting.


In that case we recommend digital formats that implements many of the same mechanics as a physical meeting. We call it virtual conferences and meetings and it is virtually live. 

We offer advice on everything from which streaming platform to choose, to content planning and communication that fits a virtual universe.

We help you get started by:

  • facilitating a start-up meeting where we review your needs

  • advising you on the choice of streaming platform

  • organizing your content to fit the platform while adding value to meeting participants

  • discussing how to achieve a virtual community as a replacement for the physical network


During COVID-19 we work within the guidelines laid down by authorities with less than 10 people together, for example in a studio production.

Agenda Group Studio

At Agenda we have our own professional studio set-up ready for hosting your meeting or conference.

  • 25 m2 studio space

  • Cameras and mics

  • Cameraman, producer and streaming technician

  • 75” screen for presentations and animations.

In addition to our own studio we have access to larger studio facilities when needed.

Streaming platform

To ensure a smooth and professional delivery there needs to be a strong digital platform in place. Some of the requirements we look for is:

  • Participant interaction tools

  • Dashboard with detailed streaming data, GDPR compliant

  • Custom design features

  • Participant capabilities during livestream.


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