Live first.
But not only.


About Agenda Group

Live first.
But not only.

Since 1998, we have had great success creating real change through communication driven by Live Experience Communication.


Live Experience Communication offers superior return on investment because it unites thoughts, feelings and actions synchronised in time.


Whether it’s leadership communication, strategy cascading, customer programmes or product launches we are specialists in implementing strategies and processes by bringing them to life through carefully designed experiences, such as executive meetings, conferences, fairs or other Live meetings.

We build each experience with strategic focus and a creative edge that frames the message just right for every channel, because people respond to feelings as much as facts.


Over the years, our clients have made us an integral part of their strategic work with live communication and we are proud to work closely and ongoing with great organisations, such as Maersk, Novo Nordisk, ISS, Cook Medical, MT Højgaard, TDC and Nykredit.


Today, we are an agency of 18 specialists in every aspect of creating Live Experience Communication. We call it communication; your target audience might call it unforgettable.


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